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Dreamtime Room  
Dreamtime Room


The Dreamtime room caters for 16 children per day ranging from ages 2 years to approximately 3 years 6 months.

The team consist of 3 full time trained and experienced staff.

We believe that children learn best when they guide their own learning, therefore our program is based on exploring children's interests setting up experiences that allow them to question, explore and extend their own knowledge.  

We see our role as one of educating, supporting, challenging, nurturing, listening and collaborating with your child to give them skills that will prepare them for life as they grow and develop.

Our learning environment reflects the children that use it and the belief that relationships are the cornerstone to learning.

The room is broken up into areas that reflect both the children's needs and interests, a creative arts space including drawing area, library, home corner, block and construction space as well as quiet and secluded areas both inside and outside that encourage time to be alone or develop friendships with peers.Dreamtime Room

The environment celebrates children- it offers space, natural materials, choice and flexibility, it enriches the idea of building awareness of diversity.

The benefits of this program are endless, it allows young children to make choices, and it encourages small group experiences and friendships as well as ongoing projects and it caters for children’s individual strengths.



Dreamtime Room Daily Routine
7:30am: Children begin to arrive and say goodbye to loved ones.
8:00am: Another staff member arrives: Dreamtime and Preschool prepare to go outside
Begin the transition to outdoors – Sunscreen on and hats on
9:30am: Wash hands, have Morning Tea (usually fruit with bread or cereal) outside on pic-nic tables
9:50am: Nappy change, toileting- assisting children learning to use the toilet
10:00am The room is opened up and children are able to begin indoor experiences
10:30am: All children come inside and participate in indoor experiences
11:10am: Children assist staff in packing away and tidying up the room
11:20am: Group time: reflects an interest through story, songs, rhymes, and games
11:30am: Lunch time
12:00pm: Wash hands / face / toilet / rest nappies / prepare for rest time
12:10pm: Rest time / Older children participate in quiet activities on the verandah
12:45pm: Rest time continues / All children have a rest on their beds
1:30pm onwards: Children wake / nappies changed / toilet / pack away sheets.
Continue quiet experiences on the verandah i.e.: dough, construction etc are offered
2:30 pm: Afternoon tea (usually sandwiches, rice cakes, fruit, slices or Turkish bread).
3:00pm onwards: Outdoor play (after sunscreen has been applied and hats are on) Parents arrive, greet children, hugs and smiles exchanged, stories about their day
4:30pm: Pre-pare children for home- nappies, toilet, clean faces, shoes on etc
5:10pm: Late afternoon tea- a small snack usually vegemite sandwich / rice cake
Group games, stories etc
6:00pm: Close

Dreamtime RoomDreamtime RoomDreamtime room

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