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The Nursery room caters for 10 children per day with ages ranging from 6 weeks to approximately 2 years old.

The staff consists of 2 full time staff members and 1 jobshare partnership.


We provide a welcoming and safe homelike environment where infants and toddlers can explore.

Working in partnership with each family is paramount, this ensures individual needs of all infants aNurserynd toddlers are respected and reflected throughout the daily routine.

A friendly room environment where staff work together respecting and supporting each other is continually reflected on a daily basis.

Stimulating and educational materials and experiences promote learning thus encompassing all developmental areas.

Verbal and non verbal communication is given to parents on a daily basis.

Each infant/toddler has a daily written communication book reflecting their individualized routine.

Emphasis is placed on verbal communication with ongoing exchange with parents on each arrival and departure.

We provide a daily written program and individual infant/toddler portfolios which reflect experiences, outcomes and ongoing objectives for both the group and for each infant/toddler as individuals.


Nursery Room Daily Routine
7:30am: Centre opens
Staff, Children and Families greet each other and exchange information.
Children make the transition from home to the centre and begin self-directed play in l learning centres with adult support
Age groups are combined until next staffing shift arrives
8:00am: Begin to move outside (If we are not already outside)
(We operate under our “Sun Safe” policy – using the outdoor area from 730am – 1100am and 3pm – 6pm in Summer; and from 730am – 10.00am and 2pm – 6pm in winter, depending on how hot or cold it is) between April and September we are able to be outside any time throughout the day as long as it is child directed
9:00am: Bottles/Sleep/Interactions
Some younger children are getting ready for their bottles or sleep while others con tinue interaction within the environment.
9:20am: Morning tea is served
Children have the opportunity to talk with others about what they are eating, how good it is for them (!) and about the day. We engage in social rituals such as exclaim ing “cheers” with each other as we drink and self help skills are modelled and encour aged
10:00am: Indoor/Outdoor
We offer both indoor and outdoor experiences to accommodate and embrace e each child’s individual needs and interests.
Some children will need a nappy change with their educator
11:00am: Transition time
Begin to make the transition from outside to inside.
Just before lunch we get together and have creative music and movement group. We play instruments, embrace literature and language and enjoy listening, talking, sing-ing and moving to music.
11:20am: Meaningful meal time
Most children will be ready for lunch. We wash our hands and sit at the table. Tod dlers love to “help themselves” -This is a great time to practice those skills, talk to each other and learn about healthy foods and hygiene practices
After lunch everyone wants to help clean up & get the trolley to the kitchen!
12:00pm: Sleep/Rest
Most children will be ready for bed and need a familiar Educator to settle with and change their nappy. Other children will need a bit longer at quiet activities and a story or relaxing yoga before rest with others that have had a morning sleep. Lights dimmed, restful music played
Children who are awake engage in independent and teacher directed play while oth ers settle to sleep.
Some children begin to wake – A quiet moment with an educator: Cuddles and a chat. After a nappy change it is time for morning tea. Self-help skills and hygiene practices are always reinforced
After afternoon tea some children will be getting ready for an afternoon sleep
3:00pm (2.00pm in Winter time)
We move outside for further investigations
Children are assisted to apply sunscreen and find a hat
Siblings from the “Big Room” might visit their younger brothers or sisters – positive in teractions between age groups are encouraged and there is much mimicking of older children’s play by toddlers – a great social occasion for everyone! Begin to pack away outdoor environment (or indoors in winter)
Late afternoon tea for those that and hungry .
6:00pm: CENTRE CLOSES – see you next time!

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