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The Preschool room caters for 25 children per day with ages ranging from 3 to 6 year olds.

The staff consist of 3 full time staff.



We believe children have the fundamental need to play. Play is the foundation for higher learning and is vital for optimal brain development, which represents the latest research available about children's learning and the Early Years Learning Framework (2009).


We believe that children learn best through play when they are empowered to guide their own learning, therefore our program is based on exploring children's interests, setting up experiences that allow them to question, explore and extend their own knowledge.


Our routine is broken into a balance of small and large group experiences, including 4 group times a day that focus on developing a sense of belonging, social confidence, independence, and a love for music, drama and literature. We see our role as one of supporting, challenging, nurturing, listening and collaborating with your child to give them skills that will prepare them for life as they grow and develop.


Our learning environment reflects the children that use it and the belief that relationships are the cornerstone to learning. The room is broken up into areas that reflect both the children's needs and interests, a creative arts space including drawing area, library, home corner, games area, block and construction space, as well as quiet and secluded areas both inside and outside that encourage time to be alone or develop friendships with peers. Preschool


The environment offers space, natural materials, choice and flexibility. It enriches the idea of building awareness of diversity within the learning community as well as the wider population.


We aim to work in partnership with families to instill in each child a strong sense of belonging. We aim to work together to guide children towards developing to their full potential


Documenting children's experiences, projects, challenges and achievements is part of our program, as it makes your child's learning and growth visible. Documentation highlights the children's planning, theory building, experimentation, exploration and growth. Preschool


We use photos and other means of documentation as part of the process to convey to you your child/ren's process of inquiry and their capabilities as confident, capable learners.


We applaud each child's achievements, but more than that we celebrate the explorations, the questioning, and the patience it takes to find the answers or master a new skill.



Preschool Room Daily Routine
7:30am: Children arrive, say goodbye & separate from loved ones. Apply hats and sun-screen. Depending on early group size and age groups we will initially combine in Nursery playground or main playground.
8:00am: Groups separate into their respective groups/environments. Outdoor playground set-up prior to Centre opening and is based on the children’s interests, different developmental skill levels and projects.
9:30am: Morning Tea (e.g. fruit, vegetable, cheese, bread serves) served at tables on the verandah. Children wash their hands with soap and water in the bathroom prior to eating. Educators encourage the children to try new/different foods and to ‘swish & swallow’ after eating.
10.00am: As the children finish Morning Tea they wash their hands and return to outdoor play (e.g. sandpit, water play, gross motor activities, ball games, creative and imaginative play experiences etc…). During Winter months, at 10:00am we tran-sition to the indoor learning environment in accordance with Sun Safe Regula-tions.
11:00am: Children put hats away, wash their hands and transition indoors. Large Group Time experience (e.g. Roll Call, Morning Meeting & discussion of relevant issues, events). The children are encouraged to share and communicate their ideas, thoughts and feelings to their peers.
11:45am: Following transition reminders the children help Educators pack-away activities and tidy learning spaces/areas. The children are encouraged to care for and re-spect their learning environment and to work together as a cooperative team
11:50am: Group Time experience (reflecting the children’s interests through music & move-ment, literacy or games).
12:00pm: Lunch-time. Children wash their hands prior to lunch and sit in small peer groups at the lunch tables. Positive social interactions are encouraged in the process. Educators encourage the children to try different foods, use their self-help skills and the proper use of cutlery. Educators role-model good eating habits and proper use of cutlery. The children are encouraged to ‘swish & swallow’ after eating and to scrape their plates.
12.45pm: Rest time routines commence for the children who require a rest or sleep during the day. Individual sleep/rest routines reflect the families beliefs and requests, while soothing music and a slightly darkened, relaxing atmosphere is created. Non-resting children participate in a small literature-based Group Time before transitioning to afternoon learning experiences.
1:00pm: Children engage in quiet afternoon learning experiences based on their current and emerging interests, and relevant extensions/follow-ups.
2:00pm: From 2pm onwards children who are sleeping/resting begin to wake-up, put their belongings away and commence toileting/nappy routines.
2:30pm: Children begin to pack-away and tidy environment in preparation for their After noon Tea and transition outside.
2:35pm: Group Time experience and transition for Afternoon Tea. The children apply sun screen and wash their hands for Afternoon Tea.
2:45pm: Children eat their Afternoon Tea, ‘swish & swallow’, scrape and place plates and cups onto trolley, before transitioning outside.
3:00pm: Weather and light permitting, the children play outside until parents/families re turn to pick-up their children and communicate with Educators about their day.
4:30pm: Educators’ begin packing-away equipment, sweeping and tidying environ -ment with the children’s help. Toileting/shoe reminders for remaining children as well as ongoing interactions.
5:00pm: Children from Nursery, Dreamtime and Preschool rooms combine to conclude the day (either in the Main playground, Preschool room or Nursery playground de pending on weather, age groups etc).
5:15pm: Late Afternoon Tea provided (small snack). Continued care and interactions with remaining children until they have all gone home.
6:00pm: Centre officially closes. Educators complete end of day procedures (including fi nal check and signature to confirm all children have left the Centre.
Our routine is a guide to our day and is subject to change and flexibility depending on the weather, Sun Safe guidelines, Centre policies and the children’s needs.



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