Healthy Harold

Healthy Harold

Today we had Healthy Harold visit our preschoolers.They got to meet Healthy Harold and Dale. Healthy Harold is about educating children and young people to make safer and healthier choices through education and having been doing so for nearly 40 years.

Healthy harold’s program is Australia’s largest preventative health organisation, endeavouring to empower children to live a safe and healthy life through education.

The children were able to tell Dale and Healthy Harold all that they new about looking after their bodies as well as what some times foods they could have and also how to protect themselves from the sun. They helped Healthy harold get ready for outside play, by assisting him with his hat and sunscreen. The chldren got to move their bodies and learn about stretching and moving around and why it was importnat, as well as why it was important for them to also rest their bodies.

A great morning had by all.

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