2-5 Preschool Room

In the 2-5 Preschool Room our focus is on:

  • Building secure attachments between children and educators
  • Being comfortable and relaxed in our learning environments – the brain works better when we are happy
  • Developing a strong sense of identity
  • Learning to initiate play and interact with peers. Listening to peers ideas and sharing play experiences
  • Fostering emerging relationships
  • Using tactile and sensory experiences to build healthy, robust and resilient brains
  • Building and practicing emerging fundamental movement skills. We will continue to extend the acquisition of your children’s skills.
  • Fostering emerging language through the use of books, conversation and role play
  • Beginning to learn about turn taking and sharing
  • Encouraging mark making, drawing and creative arts
  • Building fine motor strength and co ordination
  • Using music as a way of learning language and building social connections
  • Introducing concepts of risk taking in a supportive environment.
  • Using nature and the natural environment to connect with their world
  • Building self autonomy (i.e. washing hands, toilet training and serving food.)


Repetition as it is the key to building and hard wiring healthy resilient brains