Our Learning Spaces


In our Nursery room we aim to provide every family with the highest quality of care, in doing so we spend time developing close and trusting relationships between children, families and educators.

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2-5 Preschool Room -Mixed Age Grouping

In 2-5 Preschool Room, our focus is on building secure attachments with educators and children alike. It’s important for children to be comfortable and relaxed in their learning environment, as our brains work better when we are happy

Outdoor Learning Environment

The Great Outdoors – outdoor play on children’s learning is an extremely important part of our program.

At Warners Bay Early Learning and Care Centre we offer children the choice of being indoors or outdoors. We do not make distinctions between indoor and outdoor environments and believe children learn just as much outdoors as they do indoors. The physical environments and overall atmospheres of our service support and enhance each child’s learning, through enabling positive relationships and effective communication.

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