To everyone at WBELCC,

Mark and I would really like to let you all know how much we appreciate all that you do for our son Lachlan and the other children that attend the centre. Thank you for caring for our son, loving him and cuddling him when he’s hurt or down, encouraging him to learn, play and take risks. He loves attending day care and that’s because of you all.

Many thanks

Mark and Mel

My son Nate has been in your care since the start of this year. Since coming to your centre I have seen him develop in leaps and bounds. His speech has improved and his social skills are developing wonderfully. I love that he is a risk taker and that everyone there encourages this.
I believe that the skills and activities he is learning at your centre will help him become the best person he can be and I thank you all for that.


I have just wiped the last tear from my eyes after reading Harlows portfolio.

I saw her smiles, her laughter , and how much she has loved learning, exploring, challenging herself and being free during her year in the dreamtime room.
It's obvious how much she loves being there, and how well all the staff know her, care for her and love her..... just as much as we do.

I can't thank your beautiful staff enough for all they do for her. Every single one of them!!! They challenge her, trust her and allow her spirit to shine. While I miss her every single day, I know every time I leave her she is in safe hands and is so happy.
We look forward to seeing her as a preschooler (even though I'm so sad she's growing up).

Please give special thanks the dreamtime room for loving our baby so much.


I wanted to say a huge thankyou to you and your team for a wonderful start for my boys this year into Warners Bay Early Learning.

I expected so many tears and both boys had a fantastic start and first day. Your team are just fabulous.


I just wanted to say a big thank you to the staff in the nursery for making Oskar’s first week in daycare a success.

It’s been a big adjustment for me which has been helped by knowing that he has been so well looked after.


Soooo im sitting here in the carpark reading the first 2 pages of Annabella’s journey in the nursery room and I’m in tears already....im so glad i made the move to follow you to your new center. I knew that my daughter would be in the best hands and i wasn’t wrong.

The love, care and support that yourself and the amazing educators have shown to Annabella have blown me away ajd made my heart full. She adores every single one of you and i know its along wat off but i am not looking forward to the day we have say good bye to such an amazing team of carers xxx love you all and thank you is just not enough compared to how i feel xxxxxx


We are on the waitlist for next year for our boys and came to meet you and have a tour a few weeks ago, (myself and my youngest Louie) and I just wanted to thank you for the time and tell you how impressed I was with the centre and staff. Regardless of the outcome of the boys enrolments, Ive now been to 3 centres in the area and your staff were by far the most professional and friendliest as we walked around the centre - I thought you might like the feedback!

anyway fingers crossed we are able to get the boys in but either way - you and the team left an impression on us !!

thanks again

Sam C

To the wonderful Educators in the Dreamtime Room,

Lachlan was a little boy at the start of the year who didn’t want to go to day care. He was daddy’s little man and still is and will probably always be but he missed his dad so much he would hold onto my leg and scream and cry in protest. He hated the thought of us leaving him and he also found the transition from the Nursery Room very challenging which actually surprised us greatly as he was so content.

Fast forward to now and he is a little boy who adores going to day care. He skips to the door says “hello” to George and runs to the Dreamtime gate. He is always greeted by all of his teachers with a “Hi Lachie” and usually runs off without even giving me a second glance. I mean what a turnaround!!! You guys have supported us so much in this transition and the love and care you show to Lachie (even when he his being his stubborn self) always makes Mark and I feel at ease. Which is really what every parent wants for their child.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know him and organising fun learning experiences! He loved the camp fire, the ninja course, mud day and of course the dinosaur show which he told everyone about!!!!
Space has been a special interest project especially the moon! We still hear about it every night!!!! I wonder if he will end up an astronaut one day and speak to the REAL NASA. LOL!!

Thanks for encouraging him to take risks because it’s the best way to learn.
Thanks for encouraging him to make friends and socialise with his mates.
Thanks for getting him dirty and sandy or painting his face because he loves it!
Most of all Thank you all for LOVING OUR CHILD! For cuddling and kissing him when we’re are not there!

We feel so lucky to have you all look after Lachie and we appreciate everything you do which is usually above and beyond.

Many Thanks

Mark and Mel

I just wanted to pass on my appreciation to you and all the staff at Warner Bay Child Care.
You have certainly made Annabella’s transition to your center this year very easy, she was welcomed with smiles and open arms from the very first day. She has learnt so much and is building beautiful friendships with other kiddies and also her educator’s.

You all do an amazing job and to know that Annabella is excited every morning to get up and go to school tells me I most certainly made the right move in choosing your center to nurture, care and teach her the skills she will need to grow into the beautiful little soul she is becoming.

So thank you for being as amazing as you all are and with out you I would probably be in the nut house by now ;-)

Hope you all have an amazing afternoon