Warners Bay Early Learning and Care Centre acknowledges the land on which we meet each day that is the traditional land of the Awabakal people. We acknowledge and respect their spiritual relationship with the land and the waters and acknowledge that their cultural and heritage beliefs are still important to the living Awabakal people today.

Educators, staff and families recognise the importance of collaboration and forming respectful, secure and reciprocal partnerships built on trust, communication and the best interests and wellbeing of your child. We share a vision for helping your child fulfill their potential to achieve best outcomes through a nurturing and stimulating learning environment. We are dedicated to helping your child build foundations to acquire tools for life-long learning.

We believe children have rights, and that play is fundamental in discovering your child’s abilities and interests. We foster the belief that all children are capable, independent and intelligent. As educators we embrace and celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of all children and families, helping your child find their voice and discover their sense of belonging, being, and becoming. We support the children’s resilience, autonomy and self-confidence within their learning environments. Our child safe organisation holds the children’s safety and wellbeing in the highest regard. By integrating these beliefs into our practice we are promoting the children’s sense of identity, security and joy of learning.

Developing a strong sense of community spirit, working collaboratively, and establishing partnerships is crucial in creating warm and respectful relationships with families and the broader community. Our service is a valuable extension of each family and we embrace the gifts, differences and individuality that families bring to our learning community. We strongly believe families are the most important teacher in the child’s life, forming a vital link between your child’s home environment and our learning community. We acknowledge the positive impact that families and the community bring to our program and plan to encourage and incorporate these contributions on an ongoing basis.

As dedicated educators and staff we share a holistic vision and commitment to building lasting relationships and partnerships with children, their families, and the wider community. We are advocates for the rights and equity of all children and believe in self-improvement, reflective practice and professional development in maintaining a forward thinking approach to teaching and best practice in early childhood education. The importance of ongoing research, evaluation and teamwork is embedded into our daily practices. Our role as designers of innovative learning environments and facilitators of relationships supports all children, fostering their quest for knowledge and discovery.

‘The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child states that all children have the right to an education that lays the foundation for the rest of their lives, maximizes their ability, and respects their family, cultural and other identities and languages’ . (Belonging, Being, Becoming, The early Years Learning Framework for Australia). As educators of Warners Bay Early Learning and Care Centre we will use ‘The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child to guide our practices and in ensuring what we do is central to the children. We also recognise Australian and Indigenous culture and will encourage respect for diversity and this will be celebrated within our setting.

Leadership roles are valued and built on collaboration, trust and open communication. Effective leadership promotes a positive work culture of respect, professionalism and integrity. We all share a responsibility to motivate one another and lead by example in the workplace. Strong leadership and administrative systems are valued in the smooth running and viable operations of our service.

The environment is a tool for the children to communicate their ideas, interests and experiences. We create inclusive learning spaces that are stimulating, aesthetically pleasing and conducive to collaborative play, problem solving and hands-on investigation. The importance of the children’s physical development is strongly valued and we instill positive attitudes towards exercise, nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices. Your children are encouraged to embrace nature and engage in risk-taking to better understand the world in which they live, and learn to make careful decisions and assess potential dangers. Being environmentally responsible is embedded into our routines and rituals, fostering the children’s positive connections, care and respect for their environment and the natural world.

Our program is a powerful method of communication between children, educators and families. It reflects the progressive journey of our learning community and the diverse individuals that are a part of it. We are committed to a play-based curriculum and value your children’s learning as dynamic, complex and holistic. Written and visual documentation, family input and your children’s ideas are valued in all aspects of our program, as we visually represent and celebrate the knowledge children construct.

Reviewed March/April 2018